Amherst TigerSharks

Who are the Amherst TigerSharks? The TigerSharks are a new, year-round, competitive USA Swimming team (not a school team) based out of Amherst Middle School, for youths ages 6-18. We are part of the Niagara Swimming league. Head coach Mike Giancarlo, varsity head coach at Amherst High School, leads an experienced and enthusiastic team of coaches.

Our mission is to help young athletes develop confidence, discipline, teamwork and elite swim skills. We coach our athletes to reach their full potential as swimmers and be helpful members of the community. Our athletes are encouraged to have pride in their teammates, family, friends and community.

We understand many swimmers enjoy other sports and activities, too, so we offer seasonal memberships, unlike other USA teams, which require year-round memberships.

How long does Short Course season run? Short Course season runs for seven months, from September through March. (High school girls and Catholic League swimmers are welcome to join after their seasons are finished. A seasonal option at a special rate is available under Seasonal Memberships on our payment page.)

How much does it cost? We are pleased to offer the best membership rates around; the cost of the season for one swimmer is $650. We do offer discounts for families with multiple swimmers, or with annual memberships, which includes Spring and Summer sessions. See the full price list on our payment page. Mandatory, annual USA Swimming registration is $69.

Who can join? Swimmers who can swim a legal stroke for at least one length of the pool. We have practice groups for four different skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

When are practices? Short Course season practices occur several times a week on weekday evenings, after school. Attendance of all practice sessions is encouraged, but not mandatory. Practices are held at Amherst Middle School. Visit our practice page for detailed practice schedules.

Are swimmers required to compete? No, swimmers don’t have to compete in meets. They are welcome to only attend practices.

How competitive is the team? TigerSharks swimmers are coached and encouraged to perform to the best of their ability. Every swimmer is not expected to perform at an elite level.


Join the TigerSharks!

  1. Register your swimmer, or swimmers, with the team. Please take a few minutes to enter your family’s key information (such as swimmer’s age, experience and contact info) into our database.
  2. Pay for a seasonal or annual membership. We exclusively offer discounts for families who enroll multiple swimmers, as well as exclusive seasonal membership options for swimmers who wish to participate for part of the year. We also offer a seasonal option for Catholic League swimmers and high school girls who wish to join the Short Course season in progress. You may pay online or by delivering a check to Coach Mike.
  3. All swimmers are required to register with USA Swimming before participating. Please print out the form, fill it in and deliver it to Coach Mike. You may either pay by check, or online via PayPal. USA registration is valid for one calendar year.

Questions? Please send us a message!

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